Connect groups



Whatever age or stage you are, there's a group for you

Hope Centre is a church full of small groups – people doing life together. We want to see every member of our church connected into our church family, making lifelong friends and growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Connect Groups gather in different locations around the Wellington region during the week. Whether it be based on age, location or special interests, there is a place for you!

Why Join a Connect Group?

Groups create a space for people to:
Develop Community
Make Friends
Be Strengthened In God

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Yes you can join as many groups as you have time to be involved in.

We encourage you top try out 2 or 3 connect groups until you feel like you have a group that is your right fit. Let the leaders know that you are just visiting for the day. They will be totally fine with that.

A great first start to leading a group is to be a regular attender and server in the group you are in. Look for ways that you can serve the leaders of your group in practical ways. Offer to look after refreshments, or pick someone up to give them a ride to group.

Another great preperation for leadership is to attend the Cleansing stream course. This runs 2 times a year, and is encouraged for everyone interested in leadership.

Yes we have a huge variety of groups. Groups meet during the day and at night. Some groups are based around prayer; others around discussion; some around teaching or healing, and still others are special interest groups. We are pretty sure you will find a group that really suits you.